COS Conference/My Service in Pictures

17 08 2012

So this past week, my entire training class met for our COS (Close of Conference) meeting where we discuss things like resume writing, possible jobs to extend our service here in Tanzania, and just basically trying to look back and reflect on our service, what it meant, and how we’ll adjust back to life in the USA.  Peace Corps gives us treat and puts us up in a real nice resort for the week, I think because they feel bad for sticking us out in the bush for 2 years.  Needless to say, it was a blast to see everyone together for what is probably the last time for many people.  Even as I write this it is crazy to think that the majority of people I won’t ever see again here in Tanzania.  However, rather than rambling on like I usually do, I’ll just post our training groups slide show here, which is a collection of photos from all volunteers over the past two years.  I know it brought back a lot of memories for all us volunteers but I hope you enjoy it as well.




5 responses

23 08 2012

Mambo! Wow…. this is awsome!!!! I think we all need to learn those moves and dance at Thanksgiving! As for the family discount, let’s trade a massage for dance lessons. xo Shangazi

17 08 2012
Karen Okupniak

Watched sitting in my office. Actually said out loud, “Pick me! Pick me!” when came upon the slide saying, “Guess whose room this is?” Co-workers are concerned.

What a great digital scrapbook!

21 08 2012

haha thanks! glad you enjoyed it!

17 08 2012
glenn legacki

Hey Snoop whale,,,,awesome video,,who’s the guy with the beard and Phillies hat? also, you need to teach me that move when you return.

Big Buffalo

21 08 2012

Yo dad, yea, a girl in my region put it together, she did an awesome job. Haha that guy was a volunteer that was a year ahead of us. He’s not actually a phillies fan, he said his friend just gave him the hat…

and no worries, i’ll give you the family discount rate on dance lessons when i get back.

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