Mambo Tanzania! 9/24/10

28 09 2010

Note:  Since I can’t access a computer for all of my posts that I want to, I’m going to back date some of them and post them when I can.

After 29 straight hours of travel, we finally arrived in Dar.  The total flight time was about 17 hours, and everyone is super tired.  We got to our lodging (the Msimbazi House) around 9:30pm, and the Peace Corps folks gave us a super quick overview of the necssities, but basically all we did was eat some food (pb&j, bannanas, cookies, and mango juice) so that we could start taking our malaria meds.  I can’t figure out why they didn’t have us start taking the pills BEFORE we got here, but apparently we’ll be okay since the medicine kicks in pretty quickly… or so they say.  I’m super excited that after the 1.5 year process I’m finally here, but the reality that I’m actually in Africa for 2 whole years is also sinking in.  I’m not quite sure I’ve ever been so excited and so nervous at the same time ever in my life, but here we go…




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6 10 2010
Aunt Lynn

Hey glad you are safe and sound! My trip to Poland was great! We will have so much to talk about when we get together. Take care, your are in my heart and prayers. Love Aunt Lynn xo

10 10 2010

Thanks! If you feel like using Skype, talk to my mom or sister about how you can give me a call over here so I can hear about Poland!

2 10 2010
Stacy Falls


I just returned from Kenya late yesterday. We had a wonderful trip and several people/school children asked about you. They were excited to hear you were going to Africa! We missed you on the trip. I will send you the link to our team photo album.


10 10 2010

Awesome! I can’t wait to see the pictures. I was thinking about our group as I arrived in Tanzania. I’m glad to hear everyone returned safely!

30 09 2010

With what frequency will you have access to the internet slash will be enlightening us on your selfless journey? I have already added you to my Mozilla toolbar, right next to Groupon and would like to incorporate this blog into my daily repertoire. It would go something like this:

Google Finance
Hype Machine
Steep and Cheap

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